I Must Be Crazy!- SEO Project - Week 3

Real Estate Agent with Soleil Real Estate

It is amazing how fast the time passes and how little gets done.  I have been on this 3 weeks and have accomplished a lot less then I have planned. 

This is what I did today.

  1. Several post to craigslist.org - 1/2 hour
  2. I signed up as a partner which created a link to my website on T-Rex Global - 1/4 hour
  3. I put this link on my website. 1/4 hour
  4. I wrote this blog that creates a backlink to my website and my partner website with T-Rex. -1/4 hour

I know that part of the idea in signing up for all of the real estate web sites is to get as many backlinks as possible.

Rankings as of 3/18/08


Checked rankings as per Robert Farrelly's Checking Your Search Engine Ranking and found the following

    • Using the terms Spokane Real Estate - Not in first 1000
    • Using the terms Spokane Real Estate Rebates - 21st
    • Using the terms Home Rebates - Not in first 1000
    • Using the terms Spokane Home Buyers Rebates -3rd
    • Using the terms Spokane Buyers Rebates -Not in first 1000


Rankings as of 4/8/08

Checked rankings as per Robert Farrelly's Checking Your Search Engine Ranking and found the following

    • Using the terms Spokane Real Estate - Not in first 1000 - No Change
    • Using the terms Spokane Real Estate Rebates - 25th  - But the #1 site was an AR blog that I wrote
    • Using the terms Home Rebates - Not in first 1000 - No Change
    • Using the terms Spokane Home Buyers Rebates - 11th I dropped down , see below for reason
    • Using the terms Spokane Buyers Rebates -Not in first 1000 - No Change
Reason for drop
It appears that a more established website has begun to use rebates and since my site is much newer The more established site pushes me down.  This is somewhat disappointing but just means that I need to work harder at getting my key words out there.





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Edward Wadsworth
Better Homes Garden Real Estate Metro Brokers - Newnan, GA
Free list of Bank Owned Homes
Mel I am new to the SEO thing. I am trying to learn but the more I learn the more I don't understand. Good luck.
Apr 08, 2008 02:34 PM #1
Eric Reid
Renaissance Realty Group of Keller Williams Atlanta Partners - Lawrenceville, GA
Keep it up it time in you get rewards out .. its a composite thing.
Apr 08, 2008 02:37 PM #2
Kathy Carson
John Stewart Walker, Inc - Lynchburg, VA
Realtor, Lynchburg, VA, VA Homes - Lynchunberg,Bedford, Campbell

OK Mel,

Don't bring me down - I've only been at it for a week.  But my friend, Debbie Malone swears she has gotten business because of blogging and getting her name out there - and I trust her!  She does work hard so I am trying to follow her example.

Keep up the hard work!


Apr 08, 2008 02:45 PM #3
Jeff Wenzlick
Home Mortgage Lending - Toledo, OH

Looked at your site and noticed several things.....

First, you seem to be targeting the keyword "Spokane Real Estate Rebates."  I understand you are putting an emphasis on rebates, but how many people are actually using that as a search term.  Optimize for "Spokane Real Estate", "Real Estate in Spokane", "Spokane Homes for Sale", etc.  Those are the highest searched terms.

Second, you need to address your onsite optimization.  You have no title tags.  THis is the most important tag that the SEs look at.  Don't bother with your name or mentioning rebates!  Focus on the keywords. 

Third is your meta tags.  The SEs are putting much less relevance on these, but they should still be addressed.  Google often times uses your meta description for your Google listing description.  Right now, your meta description starts off talking about Joomla.  Hopefully you can get past that and Joomla does not have that built into their programming.

Fourth, is your header tag of "The Rebate Realtor".  I know you love that nickname, but put up what's effective.  Change that to "Spokane Real Estate". 

Fifth, is your link structure from your home page.  Make sure you have text links off of your index page.  They are already built into your site structure at the bottom, but they are not active.  Currently, the only page that Yahoo has indexed for you is your index page.  Add a sitemap also.

Sixth, is your footer link.  Once again, give up the "Rebate Guy" and go with "Spokane Real Estate" for the footer link to your index page.  Also, when linking to your home page, be sure your link is http://www.therebaterealtor.com and not http://www.therebaterealtor.com/index.php .

Seventh, add some more content on your index page.  You have a few search terms in a couple header tags, now reinforce them by repeating them in the content.

Eight, you committed the CARDINAL SIN!  You have duplicate content on your website!  If you cut and paste your FAQs into the SEs, you get search results showing the identical content!  The SEs love unique content and filter out duplicate content from search results.  This is why its easy to rank well in the Real Estate industry, because almost every realtor uses duplicate content on their websites. 

Ninth, get going with your link building.  Don't mess around with recips, because there is not as much value put on them.  Get as many one way links as possible.  Currently, Yahoo shows no incoming links to your site.  ResellerGo.com is a good place to start getting directory links.  Pay the $4 they charge and get access to the higher Page Rank directories and submit to everyone that you can.  When you are selecting the text link titles, remember to use your key search terms, and not your name or nick name.

Okay, I guess that was more than several things.  If you do everything on this list I guarantee you'll be on the first pages of the SEs or I'll give you a full refund for this advise.  :-)


Apr 08, 2008 03:10 PM #4
Tom Davis
Harrington ERA,DE Homes For Sale, $$ Save $$ Buy Today ! - Dover, DE
FREE Delaware Homes Search!, $$ Save $$ - Find Homes! Delaware Realtor

Hymm well their is more to SEO then just blogging...hate to bust your bubbles.  Ranking is not easy.  I don't willingly give out the info though due to so much competition in the area.  It has taken 2 years to achieve my page # 4 ranking.  It is a monthly SEO work.  Put about 30 hours a month into it for 2 years like I did and you will get that page # 4 !  I am going to hint...search about SEO and that will help you.  That's all I am gonna say...

Tom Davis - DE Realtor Agent

Apr 08, 2008 04:35 PM #5
Steven Odierno
Mahwah, NJ
NJ Mortgage & Marketing Professional

Hi Mel - I am still learning right there along with you.  Thanks for including the the link to Robert Farrelly's post.  And I am going to attempt to analyze my own site in the manner that Jeff suggests above.  Best of luck on your quest to be # 1!

Apr 09, 2008 04:35 AM #6
Mel Miller
Soleil Real Estate - Spokane, WA

Jeff - Thanks for all of the input.  This is my first SEO and while most of the items you address I am aware of, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not get the stuff done.  I greatly appreciate you input.  As of this writing I have fixed most of the items and the remaining I will be working on tonight.



Apr 09, 2008 12:31 PM #7
website design

this is so hard to do by hand



website design

Apr 24, 2008 07:39 PM #8
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