Why Long Tail Keywords Can be Huge for Your Business

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Have You Googled Yourself?


I know, it's kind of a strange question, unless you're looking for some newfound celebrity. But, when it comes to being found online the very first thing you need is an online presence. 


Many of the most successful real estate agents are really focusing in on building their online brand. That can be through getting active on social media, having a blog, being seen as an area real estate expert, and making nice websites for their area or expertise. 


How much of these are you doing?


What a lot of agents have found works really well for them is to try to grab those long tail search keywords with their own (preferably niche) site. 


First thing's first, what is a long tail search keyword? 


Think of it like this, when your clients are looking up a real estate agent to work with they are going to head to the search engines. So, many might type in words like "realtor" or "real estate agent," these are short general keywords. But that isn't actually going to help much to get people who can help them locally or with their specific need, that's where the long tail keywords come into play.


If you're in San Francisco, for example, the vast majority of clients who don't already have a referral are going to type in "real estate agent san francisco." Why? Because most of the people searching for a real estate agent will go with the very first one they come across. So, it shows you it's really important to position yourself well. 


Here's our example in action. I typed in "real estate agent san francisco" and my top 5 results include Yelp, Zillow and Realtor.com, pretty much expected. But, also included are two smart real estate agents who have gotten themselves at the top of the pile, Pete and Beverly. Because they are positioned in the top 5 results, they are getting a massive amount of traffic (and potential clients) via web searches. 








Here's an even more specific example. Sometimes people want to really niche down and dominate that. Let's think of golf crazy people who want to buy a home on a course in Orlando. 


Chances are, they will type in something like "golf realtor orlando" to find results. Here they are:

Our top four results all mention "Golf" in their descriptions, and two of the four actually have "Golf" directly in their URLs. And, if you look even more closely, you'll see that the top 2 results are actually featuring the same place. That can get them big results. 


So it's interesting to see how the long tail keyword can benefit you. If you haven't yet thought about your own website, consider getting one going in addition to any your broker might provide. And, when you're thinking about a good URL, look at your own name, or to get really specific think about the exact keywords your target clients are searching for and try to lock that up.


Have you had success with long tail keywords in your own business?

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