Resistance Is Futile...You WILL be Assimilated

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The more you resist the...the faster you are consumed.  Every marketing aspect of EVERY industry is turning to the internet or other electronic media for advertisement and sales.  More and more enterprises drive their current and would be clients to their website instead of one on one contact.  And get this...a large majority of consumers prefer this type of exposure to products...EVEN REAL ESTATE.  Heck, 70% of cars are purchased this way already.  Real estate professionals...DIVERSIFY OR DIE! 

The need for real etate professionals to assist people to acquire property lessens each year as the caliber and quality of real estate investing education increases and with companies like The Investor Concierge offering up properties on a silver platter. Real estate agents will soon be a thing of the past.  Properties on The Investor Concierge site NEVER hit an MLS.  They have scanned in BPO's, and/or 3rd party appraisals, 20-40 pictures of the property, neighborhood analysis, market analysis, projected cashflow, and have a loan in place if you need one.  The highly regulated Real Market Experts (which provides properties for this site) will, FIND IT, FIX IT, FUND IT, TENANT IT AND MANAGE IT!  Not only that...all the properties on this site, CASH FLOW AND HAVE POSITIVE EQUITY...You pretty much..."CLICK A MOUSE AND BUY A HOUSE!", $350 reserves the property, you get a call from the franchise partner to discuss your investment strategy and funding source, paperwork is overnited to you, escrow is opened, loan is funded and escrow is completed.  It's THAT simple.  All without a buyers agent.  Check it out, it's CRAZY! click on the GUEST button and you can view the last 20 pending transactions.

STEP UP YOUR GAME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...It is coming for YOU!  Prepare to be assimilated...get plugged into the web... the internet...into other electronic forms of advertising and marketing...into education that will broaden your skill set and investing strategies for youself and your clients.


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Christopher Watters
Watters International Realty - Austin, TX
Austin Realtor (512-829-8000)
I couldn't agree with you more. Building a web presence not only helps generate leads, it also helps build the infrastructure to support your new and old clients.
Apr 08, 2008 06:04 PM