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Is there anyone out there that understands page rank and how to improve it.  I see some sites that don't appear to have good content and many links, however, they still have a high rank on Google.  I recently got an email from an SEO that said that if you extend your hosting package for several years that Google will somehow look at you as being a better site and give you a higher ranking.  Can this be true?  I have three sites that have 4 page rank and am interested in improving my page rank to 5.  Any suggestions 



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Fred Light
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First of all, I would ignore PageRank... it's really irrelevant.  I have sites that have a PR 4 that outrank sites with a PR6 regularly and consistently.  It really means nothing, yet people focus on it as if it's the Holy Grail - it's not.  I don't pay attention to it at all.

Secondly, your hosting package is irrelevant.  Supposedly Google looks at the LENGTH your domain is registered as one of many, many factors in determining your ranking.  If you register your domain for only one year, supposedly it may signal that you are not serious, not in it for the long haul, might be using the domain purely for AdSense ads or revenue sharing or with the sole intent of selling it in the short term.  They also look at the AGE of your domain name (when it was registered initially) as one factor.

Notice the word "supposedly" used throughout.... I don't believe there is ANY positive proof of factual information regarding this. (there was a patent filed regarding the age of the domain however). Secondly, if it IS factual, it is only one of many, many MANY things that are taken into consideration.

Personally, I have several websites that have ranked in the top 5 for my important searches for nearly 7 years.  I renew them for one year at a time.  So, that blows that theory!

The best way to have a BETTER site is to MAKE a better site!  Get a lot of inbound links (one way) from other sites, either because you indeed DO have a great site, or because you make one way links, from site such as Active Rain, a blog, other sites of yours (you do crosslink all of your sites, right?)   

Feb 16, 2007 12:03 AM