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Does your room have rhythm?

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When it comes to Interior Design does your room have rhythm? I'm not talking about musical rhythm but visual rhythm. I have noticed that one of the components of a nicely designed interior space is the visual rhythm of that room. This was not taught to me in design school but something I have picked up along the way. To be in the business I'm in, one needs to be visually aware, and thankfully I naturally am. Interior Design and visual acuity go hand in hand. But I wanted to let you in on this little tid-bit of information of what makes up good design. 

The human mind naturally likes balance, organization, structure and yes, rhythm. When designing, decorating, and even staging a room I keep these things in mind. I always stand back and view a room from a "is it balanced" perspective.  

Visual rhythm in a room is proportional spacial balance between the elements of the room such as color, furniture placement, light sources etc. Is there a big vacant area next to the sofa, or is there too much of one color on that side the room, do the window coverings relate spacially to the rest of the room, is there enough variation in textures and so on? All of these concepts, and more, run through my mind when I'm creating a well designed space. Take a look at your rooms, do they have rhythm?

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