Things Sellers should not Due when selling their home

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Over the years of being in the Real Estate business I've seen a lot of things that Sellers due or neglect to do when they place their home on the market. Now that we are in the Spring Market I think that its time for the on line consumer (especially Sellers) to know some of the don'ts, when marketing their home.

Here is my list, in no particular order:

1) When you know that a showing is going to occur, don't leave your dog sitting on the front steps to greet the Agent and their Buyers. If the dog is startled by their approach things can get scary.

2) A good reason to secure your dog either in a garage or outside when showing are going to occur, is that when the Agent arrives the dog may get overly excited and charge at the bay window or door to get outside. When this happened to me and my Buyers we jumped back at least 2-3 feet, because the dog was about 100 pounds and literally shook the bay window  as he hit it in his attempt to get out!

3) When your Agent suggests or out right tells you that you need to unclutter your home or clean it, they mean that you need to do these things. A house being for sale needs to look as clean and neat as the houses do on Extreme Makeover at the end of the show. No one is saying that you need to remodel your home, but it needs to "look as clean as a model home" when its on the market.

4) Many Realtors have stories of finding "Adult" oriented content or items in homes when showing them, Sellers need to remember that Buyers bring kids when they look for homes. Even when Buyers look by themselves neither they nor the Agent want to see your "home photos, movies , toys or other items" when showing the house.

5) When an appointment has been made to show the home, everyone in the house needs to be up and dressed  when the showing is going to occur. Walking into a bedroom and being greeted by the site of a naked man sleeping in bed is not good, especially when he doesn't look like Brad Pitt but more resembles "Fat Bastard from Austin Power fame". Yes, this really happened to me.

6) I know many Sellers have small kids ( I sold my last house when my kids were 5,4 and 1) but the smell of dirty diapers or not laundered close greeting Buyers when they walk in is not pleasant, by the way this goes for pet bedding and litter boxes too.

I could go on and on, but I think that any Seller or potential Seller reading this will understand (hopefully) what they need to be thinking about when they place their home on the market. Your Realtor is your partner in selling your house and you need to take their advise to heart when its given, especially when it comes to  showing your property.

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