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Many of you may have heard recently about the upcoming construction project designe dto make all our lives easier. But first it will make for some serious frustration, and require careful considereation of your timing and your route.

I'm talking about the 4 year freeway construction project getting ready to start in West El Paso. I-10 will undergo some major work starting this spring. New on and offramps and an access road will be constructed between Resler and Executive Center. Freeway access will be built in the Montecillo area just north of Executive Center Drive.

What makes this such a concern though is that the BorderWest Highway/Loop375 project between Racetrack Dr and downtown will be going on at the same time. Construction on that project will start in April. This is going to create some SERIOUS traffic congestion during this 2 year project.

TexDOT has launched a website with information about the Border Highway Project to help keep you "in the loop." Frequently asked questions, a calendar of important dates and meetings about the project,  job opportunities and more can be found at

You can sign up for their monthly newsletter with updates or even keep up to speed with their facebook and twitter feeds.

As the projects kick off it will be extremely helpful to know when lanes are closed especially during morning commutes. There may be times when both I-10 and Paisano are closed, which will mean Mesa Street is going to be the only alternative, unless you go over Trans-Mountain road and around. I was thinking the other day that it may be faster to go over the mountain and down Hwy54 to get from West El Paso to Downtown, than it will be to fight the I-10. We will see.

Overall the projects are designed to make our life, commuterwise, better. We just have to suffer through some growing pains first.

Is a 4 year project is just more than you can bear? Do you live on the West Side and work on the East side, or vice versa? Maybe you have decided the commute back and forth is just too much. If so, or if you just need a change of scenery, sunsets instead of sunrises, give me a call and we can explore your housing options. 


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