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Housing Wanted, Craigslist Edition

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For those of you who write I know you can relate as you’ve all gotten writers block from time to time. When I get writers block I simply ask a good friend of mine from the gym for some ideas and he always delivers. In the past he’s given me the idea to write a blog on when and how to sell  and on aVeterans perspective on REI. Today when I asked him he said “well that’s easy, write a blog about the “housing wanted” section on Craigslist”. So, I promptly came home and got on Craigslist and oh my word, there are some interesting posts and some definite red flags for potential rental situations. I’ve taken some quotes from the listings there. Some are funny and some are really sad but regardless they are all situations any business owner should walk away from. I’ve put the potential red flags that I spotted in bold text.

“My girlfriend and i need a temp home with 1 bedroom 1 bath, lost job due to a injury a month ago, i am relocating due to more work in the area. I am a heavy fisherman, will negotiate if your interested in some fishing gear.” This one has obvious issues 1. they aren’t planning on staying there long and 2. he is injured and may or may not find work.

“Couple seeking housing on acreage……Property must be OMMP friendly. We are medical patients and need a safe, secure, place to grow our medicine.” There were many postings where people wanted to grow medical marijuana on the property. Because it’s not legal federally and because there could be issues with crimes related to the marijuana I would be very hesitant to rent to someone who was going to grow marijuana.

“Non smoker, light drinker, vegetarian, awake, spiritual, bubbly. Limited income and would like to try to save money. I can trade a set amount of hours each wk for childcare, greenhouse work, cooking, cleaning.” Again, there were many listings in which people were looking to trade there rent payment for work. Some people were even asking for as much as $20/hour. There were ranch hands, people claiming to have vast construction experience, and many like the quote I’ve included.

“My daughter and I are in desperate need of a place to live…..My credit is horrible I have aforeclosure on there and one bad rental mark (not my fault) I have money to pay rent up in advance and for several months but I just can’t find anywhere whom will take us with my history…” “I need a place to hang my hat while I find permenent housing. I have a felonybecause I made some bad choices & trusted the wrong people.” I’ve included these two quotes because as sad as it may be they would not pass my screening criteria and would not be approved to rent from me.

I have never looked at the housing wanted section of Craigslist. It was a very interesting experience but not a place that I will likely go in search of prospective tenants.


Dulcey is a member of Rentec Direct who provides Property Management Software, tenant ach payment processing, tenant credit check, and criminal reports for property managers and landlords. The information in this post is just that, informational and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice. 

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Fully agree Dulcey Schuster with your article.  You don't have to chase after me for PM software.

Apr 25, 2015 02:12 AM