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I tell my daughters that to be successful you must develop four habits 1) show up on time (this means at least ten minutes early) for any appointment whether it be personal, school or business (time is the only thing we cannot get more of and wasting someone elses' demonstrates a lack of respect). 2) look good; dress appropriately and be well groomed. 3) be prepared; find out what you can about the subject of your meeting and the people or person with whom you are meeting, and be engaged, being knowledgeable demonstrates interest and gives you confidence in conversation which will make you more relaxed. 4) listen to and look at those with whom you are meeting, don't merely wait to talk. Nothing will be handed to you - want it and work for it - this country does not guarantee success only access; earn and fight for what you want and want to be. Below is a short article I found in the Costco magazine. Be good, have fun, be productive.  


"Projecting Confidence:

1)      Keep your head level: don’t raise or drop your chin this can appear aggressive or submissive.

2)      Speak with optimal volume: don’t speak too softly or drop off at the end of sentences; recognize the difference between adequate and optimal speaking volume.

3)      Hold eye contact for three to five seconds: eye contact is a key indicator of confidence. Duration is critical. In the western world holding eye contact for three to five seconds is optimal.

4)      Keep your hands in the gesture box: gestures can be telling to others. The most effective hand gestures happen inside the: “gesture box” – no higher than your sternum, no lower than your hips, no wider than your shoulders.


5)      Avoid using speech fillers or up-talk: such as “um” “you know” they are superfluous. Up-talk is misplaced upward vocal inflections that sound like question marks at the end of sentences. Try not to sing-song your conversation. Wally Amos, Costco Magazine 10-2012."

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Barbara Todaro
RE/MAX Executive Realty - Retired - Franklin, MA
Previously Affiliated with The Todaro Team

Good morning, Edward Peterson good tips for everyone who interacts with others.... imperative for those in sales....there are no dress rehearsals with any sales's always showtime, so sales people need to use these tips in a natural fashion....

Feb 24, 2015 09:31 PM
Dale Bledsoe
Crown Key Realty - Tracy, CA
Realtor in Tracy, California

Some very good tips. I have taken a number of classes on public speaking and "know your audience" is key among them. If you know them they will respect you, but if they sense you don't, they will tune you out. Nice post.

Feb 25, 2015 02:12 AM