Typical Mistakes Made By Sellers Of Virginia Real Estate

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Seller behavior can contribute to the performance of a listing. Some typical mistakes made by sellers of Virginia real estate are more damaging than others. Sellers can avoid the mistakes shown below.

Typical Mistakes Made By Sellers Of Virginia Real Estate

Neglecting to Clean

Keeping a property consistently presentable may be difficult especially while still using the space. Sellers must spend time cleaning immediately before property viewings and open houses. Buyers tend to focus on the unclean condition rather than the offerings of a home, so not paying attention to cleaning will make your property less appealing. Furthermore, buyers assume that sellers who do not clean their residence also ignore important home maintenance. Cleaning up helps listings sell faster and for more money.

Making Properties Difficult to View

The more difficult it is to view a home, the fewer times it will be shown. Another mistake is making it cumbersome for key pickup. In areas with plenty of inventory, people will focus on homes that are convenient to show. Difficult SHOWING instructions result in missed opportunities and longer listing time frames.

Attending Viewings

Home owners may wish to be home during appointments, but this can do more harm than good. Buyers can feel uncomfortable visiting a home under the close watch of a seller. Additionally, too much conversation with a property owner may distract people from the property itself. Buyers like to leisurely explore a home and to talk openly with one another about their emotions. Also, sellers and buyers interacting directly with each other may lead to misconceptions about motivation and terms.

Deciding on Price

Price impacts days on market and selling price. Of all the typical mistakes made by sellers of Virginia real estate, this one is most critical. It is normal for homeowners to want maximum price from their property. However, there is a danger of pricing too high. Overpriced homes will remain on the market for a long time while correctly priced properties sell first. Over time, the listing ages and is less intriguing to buyers. Long marketing time and price reductions along the way will lead the listing to sell for less. Therefore, there is really no advantage to overpricing real estate. Speak to a real estate professional for a comparative market analysis and delay listing your property if the market value is not enough.

For Sale By Owner

Some sellers attempt to sell on their own. Even though it can be done, there may be many headaches and expensive mistakes during the process. Real estate agents are experts on listing a home, acting as an intermediary, negotiating deals, and protecting the interests of sellers. They also understand the market and changes that may effect a home sale. Expertise may make a big difference, particularly during changing market conditions.

Sellers Affect The Outcome

Sellers play an important role in the marketing of homes. The typical mistakes made by sellers of Virginia real estate above are only a few common mistakes. A professional listing agent can help a seller avoid other marketing pitfalls. For more tips on this and other similar topics, contact Amir Sadeghi at 571-331-3070 or amirskw@gmail.com.

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Rob Marken
Bend River Realty - Bend, OR
25+ years experience in Bend

Great points! I agree that many of these items can be the downfall of a home sale.  I especially find that difficult showing instructions makes it harder to get agents and buyers in the door. Many times I like to make showing instructions as stream lined as possible. Thanks for sharing. 

Feb 25, 2015 12:43 AM