Virginia Home Seller Pre-closing To-do List

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As you get ready for a big move, you may miss some important items. The Virginia home seller pre-closing to-do list below may ensure a smooth closing.

Cancel Utility Service

Contact each utility company to notify them of your termination. Many need advanced notice. For services such as heat, the utility company must come out to read the meter before preparing the final bill. You will need to send back equipment for some others. You might not know those details until you contact them, so do not procrastinate until closing day to do so.

Forward Your Mail

You can notify USPS ahead of time regarding your address change. This may be done in-person or online. There are actually two different services offered. A permanent change of address requires a minimal fee of a few dollars when submitted online. There is a premium service that costs a bit more but may not be needed when forwarding addresses. You must still notify everyone directly of your change of address. Forwarding by the post office remains in place for a finite period of.

Contact Your Lender

If property taxes are part of your MORTGAGE PAYMENT, then your mortgage company has an escrow account to maintain the funds. When the tax bill is paid, the money is removed from the escrow account. If your closing may take place around the same date that a bill is due, you may want to tell your lender not to send in the payment. You could be charged for this same amount at closing, which would lead to a double payment. Double check this with the closing attorney just to be sure. It can be a difficult procedure to obtain the funds returned or you may miss the error and lose those funds as a result. Normally, any money left in escrow account is returned after the loan is paid off.

Virginia Home Seller Pre-closing To-do List

The Virginia home seller pre-closing to-do list in this blog includes just some of the important things to remember. For additional information on selling your home, speak with your listing broker. He or she will make sure that you do not miss other important tasks.


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