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Steeplechase Draper - Why people love it

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If you have not heard of Steeplechase Draper and you live in Utah, you are an anomaly. Steeplechase is widely known as one of Utah's most luxurious and sought-after neighborhoods. What is the appeal of this community? 

It boils down to a few important features. In no particular order, here they are

Luxury attracts luxury

Have you heard about this? Well, it happens and it has happened in this neighborhood. Literally, every home in Steeplechase is way above average in terms of size, quality, pride of ownership, etc. You won't find any houses with 3 cars parked on the front lawn here - everthing is nice and well kept. 

Steeplechase Draper - can't beat the views

Well, Suncrest may have it beat, but all in all, Steeplechase Draper has some amazing views. If you are looking for a place where you feel like you are on vacation every day - a place where you look out your bedroom window and say, "I can't believe this is where I live", then Steeplechase is going to have some appeal to you. Steeplechase Draper Utah

Location, location, location

If you want to have quick freeway access and a short commute to the city without having any of the noise and commotion, Steeplechase Draper is going to look good. You have the feel of being out of the city without actually being out of the city. That is hard to find in the Salt Lake Valley. 

You can start looking at homes for sale at Steeplechase Draper or give me a call for more information

Krystal Rice
Utah Luxury Real Estate Specialist