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What Makes a Perfect Stranger Click on My Profile?

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I Wanna Know!


If you are reading this are WAY ahead of the game!  You have delved into the world of Blogging and realize the pathway to a successful real estate business begins online!  That probably means that you have completed profiles on the Big 3 Consumer Real Estate Sites.  I'm talking about Trulia, Zillow and    


While I have definite opinions about all three, that is really not on topic!  My question is simple:  What makes a perfect stranger click on my profile or yours out of hundreds in the area? It's Simple...




Here's the scoop! Today, I had a lead text me who had clicked on my profile a while back.  I didn't go overboard several weeks ago, just reached out to introduce myself and let them know that I'm here to help them with whatever real estate need they may have.  This lead...let's call her Lucy Lead...texted me with a specific address and asked if I could show her the property.  I asked her a couple of qualifying questions and once satisfied, scheduled a time to show the property.  When I met her and introduced myself, she said something that really stunned me.  Lucy said, "You know, I'm so glad I found you. I talked to so many people and you are the only person that I felt really cared about helping me."  Seriously?  You got all that from clicking on my profile and a quick 30 second phone call?  

Connection Matters.


People are looking for a connection.  Something...anything that will make them feel good about working with someone on what for most is one of the single most significant purchases they will make in their life!  People are visual and just like I will get up on my soapbox about taking good pics of the house, the same is true for you!  Your photo should be a close up that lets a potential customer look into your eyes.  Smile!  A genuine smile from your heart!  A friendly smile can break down walls.  It can even get a person to click on your profile and ask for more information.



Beyond the Click:


Here is the secret sauce.  They are reaching out to a perfect stranger and asking you for help.  How you respond to them is critical in turning a connection to a bond.  So, how is that achieved?


I don't know...I'm still learning.  


  • I don't yet have a bunch of letters behind my name
  • I don't have a gagillion recommendations following me around
  • While I've done extremely well in the past 20 months (still a newbie) I am NOT the top producer in my region...yet. :)
  • I don't work with builders on New Construction...yet.


What I can tell you is this...


I genuinely LOVE helping people get from point A to point B and want that to be as effortless as possible.  I Care about my lead, customers and clients. A good friend drilled into me the saying, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."  

Make those 30 second first contact calls matter! You can do it!



 Go Forth & Be Spectacular!

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It also doesn't hurt to have a pretty smile on the profile that says come in and get to know me better

Feb 25, 2015 10:50 AM