Crested Butte Community School

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Achieve Excellence at Crested Butte Community School

Crested Butte Community SchoolIf you’re thinking of moving but education is a deciding factor, look to Crested Butte Community School in Crested Butte, Colorado. Not only is the quality of education far beyond average but the school lunches are pretty good, too …or so the kids say! Ranked number six in the state, Crested Butte Community School is located within the Gunnison Watershed School District Re1J, and more than 68% of the students are taking part in various Advanced Placement courses and examinations. The school’s students have scored far beyond average in areas of reading, with 86 percent, and math, with 62 percent.

Crested Butte Community School Demographics

Currently, the rural Crested Butte Community School has an enrollment of less than six hundred students, divided as approximately 53 percent male and 47 percent female. While minority enrollment is currently only eight percent, the total of economically challenged students is just below twelve percent, both of which are much lower numbers than seen at many schools across the country.

Student Teachers Ratio at Crested Butte Gets Results

It is no surprise that Crested Butte Community School is receiving such high praise and revealing in such success once you learn that the student teacher ratio is fifteen and class sizes are very desirable for learning. This is a refreshingly small number compared to other public schools, allowing opportunities for more students to take part in many highly awarded academic programs and enjoy hands-on access to modern technology. Not counting other faculty and staff, there are 39 full time teachers employed by Crested Butte Community School and several more working part-time. Of these full time teachers, many have earned their Master’s degree which means top-notch learning for the students. The teachers of Crested Butte are described as dedicated and kind, teaching the children to take responsibility for their educations.

Crested Butte Offers an Excellent Support System

An excellent support system is also in place at Crested Butte Community School , thanks to a highly desirable amount of parental participation and involvement. There is also an impressive level of volunteerism from faculty, parents and the Crested Butte community, causing the school to exhibit a special ‘family’ quality not found in most educational facilities.

While other schools lament over disciplinary measures and punishments that fit the crimes, Crested Butte has adapted Positive Reinforcement disciplinary model which has reduced disciplinary referrals and infractions. At Crested Butte, the basics are still taught, including Music, Physical Education and Art, discarded by so many other schools.

Crested Butte Community School Facilities and Community

Crested Butte Community School offers a warm and inviting place for the children to learn, located in a setting that is absolutely stunning and unforgettable – beneath Mt. Crested Butte! The facility is aesthetically pleasing with a modern look, tucked in a remote area of Colorado. One large building houses all grades from kindergarten through twelfth grades under one roof, promoting unity among students as well as safety.

Crested Butte Community School is set amid a wonderful winter vacation-land, where your weekends can be filled with numerous types of skiing, snowmobiling and snowboarding, ice skating and dog sledding, to name a few. The area often welcomes music festivals and special events, providing a number of cultural experiences for area residents.


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