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Recently I was asked why would a potential home Seller want to work with me.  Most often these Sellers also want to purchase a replacement home.  They are nervous if they list their home to sell, it will sell quickly and they'll be without a roof over their head.  Another objection is that realtors will list their property low to sell it quicker.  Others just have no idea to turn to, or had a bad experience with the real estatate agent who sold them their house.


The typical real estate agent in America does 5 transactions a year.  That equates to very little experience, and can cause stressful trnasactions for Sellers.  The Cathy Harris Home Team does about 30 transactions annually.  Thirty transactions a year over a period of time, allows the real estate agent or Team, in my case, repeatedly do the same type of transactions many times.  In any profession, practice makes perfect. 


A team should consist of a seasoned real estate agent, a transaction coordinator or assistant, a couple of exceptional lenders, and an inspector who is detailed oriented takes the buyer thru the process. 

When listing a home, one needs an agency who will pre-inspect the home, offer decluttering or cleaning advice in a caring thoughtful manner, take professional pictures and 360 video, creates a comprehensive marketing place, and prices the house high (in our market) but also within reason of this seller's market.



In January 2015, over 50% of all homes sold got list price or better.  50%!  Having an agent who knows the market and how to navigate in this market is key.  Does your agent know what to do in a "multiple offer" situation.  Will they counsel you on which offers are really the best ones.  Check out the buyer's lenders, ensure that your home is getting under contract with an outside investor who has offers in on 8 other properties, in order to choose the "best" 2.  Is your agent up on the latest buyer and lender problems that can occur.  Can they coach you on when to hold and when to lower the price a bit to "refresh" a listing, if needed.  Most Northern Colorado homes sold in about 60 days.  Does your agent know statistics & strategies, and do they have the systems in place to ensure that your home sells and you buy your "Dream-Home" replacement house the same day?  Is your agent nice and respectful to you, but also able to negotiate for your benefit when needed?  Do they have the desire to take care of you first, get paid second?

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