Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quicker from HGTV

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 These are from an appearance on Sonoran Living Channel 15 ABC in Phoenix on  3/6/2008:

Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quicker


1.  PRICE IT RIGHT!  Unless you're living at Buckingham Palace, it SHOULDN'T be priced like one!

2.  KILL THE CLUTTER BUG!  Can't say enough about this.  You want to move, then start packing yesterday.  Pack and then pack some more.  Put as many items that you won't be using away or take to storage.   Better yet, have a Garage Sale and make some money!!  Don't forget to clean the garage too!  People should be able to open closets, vanity, kitchen cabinets and not see it full of your stuff.  If so, they will think there is no room in this house for them. 

 3.  Make it SMELL appealing:    Like Ethnic food ? Well, a lot of people don't so make sure you air out your place.  Same goes with PETS and Smoking in the House. 

4.  Think like a Buyer:  

1  Scrutinize your house.  If there is something you don't like chances are buyers won't either.  Fix it, replace it or get rid of it!

  2.  Take care of ALL minor repairs BEFORE they become a problem. 

  3.  Remove family pictures YES or NO?? Depends, photographs can be distracting to Buyers. 


5.  Mrs. Clean lives here.   Make it sparkle... you'll never have someone complain and say "Honey, I didn't like that house because it was TOO clean."

  To watch the full video segment of this show please CLICK HERE

Hope you find these useful and as always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your friendly AZ Realtor!


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