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Information- Parlez-Vous Stats?

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We all have access to information on any subject, thanks to our virtual world.  I can research anything that I am interested in purchasing, but is this information really going to help me make the best decision, if I don't completely understand what it means?

Raw data is just that.  It is not interpreted to meet my unique needs and goals.  In real estate, a seller or buyer has access to property information on what has sold, how much and where, all presented in statistical formats and "guestimates."  But are they able to understand why something of similar square feet and lot size, bedroom and bath count sold for a substantially different price.  And more importantly,  how does this discrepancy in value apply to their particular situation? 

Think of a Real Estate Agent as an interpreter.  We can translate this information into a more precise message,  that will give our clients better insight.  We have first hand knowledge of each of these properties and more importantly, the historical background of each neighborhood.  We can take a statistic, make it 3-dimensional and put it into perspective to the other property statistics.  Imagine a fluent speaker of a language has the ability of understanding the subtlety of a sentence or phrase, that a mere direct translation would not necessarily grasp or even find.  

The true value of an agent is their expertise in guiding a client through a labyrinth of data and assisting them in applying it to their specific goals, so that they ultimately make the best decisions in a real estate transaction.