Services for Real Estate Pros with Legacy Investment Interests

Remember the 80's?...the Rubik's Cube, playing Pac-Man, watching The Breakfast Club for the nth time, or my personal FAVs...FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF and FLASH DANCE...big hair, Aqua Net hairspray, mohawks, too much make up, muscle shirts, leg warmers, neon everything, Swatches, IZOD, Vans, listening to WHAM, MADONNA,TEARS FOR FEARS, SHEENA EASTON, WHITNEY HOUSTON (pre-Bobby Brown), DURAN DURAN, PAT BENATAR, CHICAGO...I can go on and on...Yeah I love the 80's!...Of course I did... I was a teenager back then...not a care in the world.

But folks we were in a serious recession back then... there was nothing fun about it...of course at the time I knew nothing about it....a mere teenager, anxiously waiting to be asked to the next school dance... I digress....YES FOLKS A RECESSION! ...and believe it or not a large percentage of the MILLIONAIRES  we have today...were MADE back then.  You see the savy and ambitious would be investors, were just smart enough or just dumb enough to position themselves in front of the real estate market when is was at its lowest so when it did their investments...and they made MILLIONS...HAND OVER FIST. 

KNOCK, KNOCK...HEY IS THIS THING ON?  Do you see a simularity between the 80's market and TODAY!  Thing of it we have better loan products and people still aren't buying, we have lower interest rate...people still aren't buying...So I have to ask...WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?  Just look out your window...down your's like COSTCO out there...INVEST!  Get education for yourself and your clients on how to invest in real estate...THE RIGHT WAY...don't just know your way around a contract...get asset protection education, tax and legal strategy training, learn how to grow your true self directed 104K and IRA tax free and capital gains free...and so much more, it's not enough to provide market analysis and BPO's.  REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS LEARN TO BE A CONSUMER OF YOUR OWN PRODUCT...I can't tell you how many agents, realtors, brokers, appraisers, loan officers...DO NOT OWN A HOME OR AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY...Be a product of the product.  You should be LIVING and SELLING the DREAM.  If you are not exploring this option as a real estate professional  you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

ACTION OVERCOMES FEAR!  MILLIONAIRES ARE BEING MADE RIGHT NOW.  Do you have it in you to TAKE ACTION?...Will you have wished you bought 20 homes 20 years from now?  For the nay sayers...I'll just say "I told you so." right now.

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Bill Exeter
Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC - San Diego, CA
1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Expert

Hi DeWana,

You are so right.  We are seeing investors that have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in, and now they are beginning to show interest when the price is right. 

Apr 09, 2008 04:50 PM
Jason Crouch
Austin Texas Homes, LLC - Austin, TX
Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653)
DeWana - I enjoy your writing, and I am going to subscribe to your blog tonight.  Keep up the good work, and welcome to AR!  I see that you are still pretty new - you are a natural at this.
Apr 09, 2008 04:55 PM
Donna Henry
Citibrokers, LLC - Spokane, WA

I'm busier than ever....with over 1/4 of our agents getting out of the business at the beginning of this year, there are plenty of clients out there to go around and the cream is rising to the top!  Thanks for your post!

Apr 09, 2008 07:45 PM
Frank Schulte-Ladbeck
Frank Schulte-Ladbeck Professional Real Estate Inspections - Houston, TX
My business is up from last year, DeWana. Mainly through marketing efforts. It is a matter of working towards your goal. Now, about that dance....
Apr 09, 2008 09:51 PM
Julie Chapman
DR Horton - Ormond Beach, FL
New Homes Sales Ormond, New Smyrna, Daytona Be


Thanks for posting this. My investments are in real estate and mortgages that I hold on paid for real estate I I couldn't agree more........

Apr 09, 2008 10:16 PM
Leesa Finley
RED Properties - Wake Forest, NC
RED Properties - Raleigh NC Real Estate
"It's like Costco out there"  oh, that was funny!  You are right though, now is the time to make your move if you are in a position to do so!  Man, I miss the 80s
Apr 09, 2008 10:16 PM
Chip Jefferson
Advanced Building LLC - Lexington, SC

Its a great time for sure! My market is more like walmart.

Apr 09, 2008 10:55 PM