Scary night in Fort Smith and Van Buren... continued

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Well guys, if you have not read my blog from last, please read it before you read this:

 Hail 04-09-08

This is the size of the hail that pelted us last night :

The night passed pretty much uneventful after we finally got to sleep about 2:30 am. Had some more storms roll through around 5:30 and when we got up at 7:00 am to get my granddaughter up for school, we found out that all the schools in the area are closed, there is major flooding in 2 counties.

I went downstairs to check on my dog, and my lower level is totally flooded with about 2 inches of standing water in it. 

My daughter had her beds and boxes and stuff stored down there and it is all ruined. Then my garage, which is actually a storage shed, has a river running through it. It is FULL from side to ceiling!


Everything is ruined!



And the kicker.... my homeowners insurance wont cover it because it came from outside and I dont have flood insurance! I just hope they cover the car!!

I have got to get busy trying to clean this mess up. I will post again with pictures later this afternoon.

Please keep me in your prayers, this is going to be a very long wet messy process!

More to follow, 



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Ross Quintana
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That hail is huge, Make sure the city is not called Sodom :)
Apr 27, 2008 04:41 PM