Jack Tenold Hosts Reverse Mortgage Seminars March 20 & 21

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Jack Tenold Hosts Reverse Mortgage Seminars March 20 & 21 in Spokane, Washington. 


If you are interested in learning how to make your retirement dollars go make your retirement dollars last longer farther don't miss the Reverse Mortgage Seminars scheduled for Friday, March 20 and repeated Saturday, March 21 at the Shadle Library, 2111 W Wellesley.

No longer is a Reverse Mortgage considered a loan to save desperate retirees.  It is a financial strategy. 

Will you outlive your savings? Are mortgage payments taking a large bite out of your monthly budget?  Learn how a Reverse Mortgage may benefit you. Learn from Spokane's Reverse Mortgage Specialist. 

Reverse Mortgage Guidelines Change Guidelines for Reverse Mortgages are changing again and the launch date has been pushed to April 27th.  Now is a good time to learn more about the home loan that is available only to seniors age 62 and older. Meet Spokane's Reverse Mortgage Specialist.  Getting the information you need is as easy as attending a brief seminar or giving Jack a call. 800-617-3105.  The benefits may help you enjoy retirement with more money in your pocket.

Required counseling must be completed, the application must be taken, and an FHA case number must be issued before April 27, 2015. You will learn how this can be done.  

Jack Tenold seminar at Shadle LibraryThe program lasts approximately 45 minutes and you are invited to ask questions.  Admission is free.  Walk-ins are welcome!  Invite a friend or two to join you. Your time will be well spent.

Jack Tenold Hosts Reverse Mortgage Seminars March 20 & 21 in Spokane, Washington at the Shadle Library. 


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