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Dover  NH Home Sales

Dover homes for saleAn analysis of Dover NH home sales over the last 8 years will give us an indication of were values will go with respect to the inventory of available Dover NH Homes For Sale.  New listings were fairly steady for the last 5 years.  2014 saw a 19% spike in new listings while sales only gained 4%.  Dover is a great community and it’s proximity to Portsmouth and the seacoast at affordable prices is why buyers are flocking to Dover NH.  Dover NH home prices vs say Portsmouth homes is another.  It is interesting to note that 14% of Dover NH home sales were new construction homes.  Expect this trend to continue now that builders are active again.

dover homes for sale marty patrizi

Dover NH Median Sales Price vs Average Sales Price

We look at Median Sales Price being a better indicator of price trends because Average Sales Price can be artificially skewed by a transaction with an extremely high or extremely low sales price.  Median Sales Price is the sales price of the transaction in the middle of all the data with half of the transactions having a sales price above the median and half below.  This index rides like driftwood on the ebb and flow of the tide of price trends.  On the hunt for a home?  Click here to see all currently available => Dover Homes For Sale

dover homes for sale marty patrizi

Dover NH Home Values

There is no question the housing bubble of the mid 2000’s burst with great force.  Dover NH home values fell 22% from 2007 to 2011.  As buyers took advantage of the lowest prices in Dover NH, there was a 35% increase in home sales.  As new listings couldn’t keep pace, the inventory was decimated.  As the laws of supply and demand kick in, prices of Dover NH homes bounded up 16% through 2013 on a very strong demand.  2014’s 19% increase in new listings gave buyers more choices.  This resulted in Median Asking Price leveling and Median Sales Price falling as sellers had more competition for buyer’s attentions.  I expect this tend to continue through 2015 on a higher inventory and sales will post higher than last year.  Dover NH home values are down 11% from the peak in 2007 but that is maybe where they should be.  With stable prices and the lowest mortgage rates of our lifetimes, now could be the best time to buy Dover NH homes.  Are you a first time buyer?  Take a look at my article on => 8 Best Ideas For Home Finance

Congratulations To These Dover Buyers And Sellers Who Connected

four bedroom homes dover nh
$310,000 137 Silver Street, Dover, NH 03820  
4 bd 2 bath DOM : 50 Days 2,293 Sqft
MLS # 4398565  
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five bedroom homes dover nh
$289,900 151 Dover Point, Dover, NH 03820  
5 bd 3 bath DOM : 129 Days 3,804 Sqft
MLS # 4389855  
View details
three bedroom homes dover nh
$248,800 20 Cornerstone Drive, Dover, NH 03820  
3 bd 3 bath DOM : 152 Days 1,666 Sqft
MLS # 4385041  
View details
three bedroom homes dover nh
$359,900 26 PICNIC ROCK DRIVE, Dover, NH 03820  
3 bd 3 bath DOM : 155 Days 2,000 Sqft
MLS # 4384660  
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new construction homes dover nh
$303,000 Lot 13 Sandra’s Run, Dover, NH 03820  
3 bd 3 bath DOM : 417 Days 1,768 Sqft
MLS # 4330894  
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