Creating a Seasonal Landscape Color Display for Rivermoore Park

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What is involved in creating a Seasonal Color Plan for a

Community like Rivermoore Park in Suwanee, GA. 



 The spring seasonal color design for the neighborhood has finally been approved.  There have been numerous emails, meetings and discussions about what to use as the seasonal color for the spring time in RMP.  Until I worked with the landscape committee, I thought the landscape company just got whatever annuals were on sale or trending at the time and planted them.  


My husband and I have served on the Landscape Committee for Rivermoore Park for several years now. What a learning experience this has been for us.  He is the go to person for everything involved with exterior landscape of the entire community.  I am more of the administrative person for the committee, handling correspondence to the various Board Members, vendors and installers.   


Little did I know all the planning that goes into this.  There are numerous areas within the community where you could have the Spring Color.  So the question becomes do you plant in all those areas or use your budget to make a bigger impression in fewer areas?  


The next issue becomes dealing with the deer population that is huge in our neighborhood.  They love these juicy little plants. People are very intrigued by these animals until they realize what they do to your landscaping.  The RMP Meadow Park, actually runs very close to the Chattahoochee River which makes this a perfect place for them to live, breed and eat.  


So now you have to factor deer netting into the budget, which takes money away from the number of plants that can be planted.  I had NO idea how expensive this is.  The deer have learned how to root out the netting where it overlaps,  So now, you have to use more labor and material to secure it.  This also eats into the budget.  


The dilemna becomes do we put in more plants and just let the deer have a buffet or do we install fewer and pay for more netting?  We have chosen the latter.  Wish us luck in keeping the deer away from the buffet.  




Rivermoore Park is a community located in Suwanee on the Moore Road Corridor.  There are over 400 homes in the neighborhood with a 70+ acre meadow park, miles of walking trails, 10 tennis courts with very active teams and recently updated pool with a very active swim team.   Call me for more information on buying or selling a home in Rivermoore Park




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