Be Aware Of This If You, Or Someone You Know Is Getting Divorced…

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small brett pic Be Aware Of This If You, Or Someone You Know Is Getting Divorced...Often when you get divorced and once spouse keeps the house, per the terms of the divorce you must refinance your home to get your Ex spouse off the house and get them their share of the equity.

The problem is – you have been told by a loan officer that they can’t help you get cash out because your loan to value ratio is over the 80% threshold required for a cash out loan in Texas.

Your solution is an Owlety loan. Many loan officers are unfamiliar with this loan – but an Owlety loan will allow you to refinance a home and get cash out to your ex-spouse over the Texas cash out 80% limit.

…in fact, we don’t treat it like a cash out loan at all. We treat the loan like a normal rate/term refinance.

If you are in this situation – contact me. I can get this loan done for you and help you out of this sticky situation!

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Bob Publicover
Publicover Realty Group, inc - Stuart, FL
Thinking outside the box

Thanks Brett, that's good to know. Divorce is a complicated deal and dividing assets is not pleasant or easy. Especially true with real estate.

Mar 15, 2015 10:46 PM