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CSST Blamed For House Fires

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CSST Blamed For House Fires


More house fires and deaths are being blamed on CSST (corrogated stainless steel tubing) installed in homes since 1989. Proper installation is important but may not be enough. Professional Home Inspectors have been reporting defects such as the lack of electrical bonding on CSST for a long time. There are lots of interviews and news reports on YouTube.com about CSST. Here is a link;


While there is still a lot of speculation, interpretation and even court cases, homeowners and buyers should hire home inspectors who are familiar with the proper installation of CSST. Proper installation includes the presents of visible electrical bonding jumpers between black iron pipe and CSST connections. Electrical bonding jumpers are also recommended between black iron pipe and gas appliances were flexible gas supply lines are installed. The current standards for CSST installation are covered by the National Electric Code and Fuel Gas Code. Here is a link for more information;


More information about grounding and bonding National Electrical Code section 250

Direct and nearby lightning strikes seem to be a direct cause of the problem. However, well trained home inspectors also understand that any arch fault has the potential to create similar problems. Homeowners are encouraged to have a certified, licensed electrician inspect their home for proper electrical bonding with or without a gas supply or gas appliance.

At Selman Home Inspections, we see it as part of our job to point out defects that affect your home and your families safety. While home inspectors are not experts, we are generally trained to identify defect in electrical components.


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