Where is Spring?

Real Estate Sales Representative with Jim Burke Realty

I was dismayed to once again wake up to a gray and dreary day.  I am up and at the Y every morning by about 5:15 and one of the things I look forward to are seeing the sun rising over the river on my way home.  This wretched weather has robbed me of this these last few days, or should I say weeks?  I know that when taking clients out and about, it seems the enthusiasm level is off somewhat and I have to continually remind them to imagine the home with green grass and sunshine and that the sun does have to eventually come out. 

On a totally unrelated note, these past few days have brought home to me a disturbing trend that I have noticed in America.  I am a kickboxer and on Tuesday I missed a block and the result was a black eye.  Not a big deal, things happen.  What disturbs me is peoples lack of concern.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that in a drama queen way.  People that know me well are used to seeing me banged up in one way or another.  What I was concerned about was the apathy of those that I know casually.  What if my black eye had been from abuse?  Time after time experts have told us that silence in those situations is like enabling the abuser.  Most people who are abused are too scared and ashamed to speak out and bring it up but if confronted by someone they trust, even if they first deny it, will know that there is someone who cares and may eventually reach out for help.  The apathy of one human to another is one of the reasons I started kickboxing in hte first place.  I have seen time and again through disturbing news stories that we can no longer count on our fellow human beings to step in and stand up for one another.  I would love to see a return to caring and a willingness to step up and stand up for each other.

Okay, glad I got that out.  I hope everyone is not brought down by my little tirade, it's just that apathy irks me!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day and that when you look around you see not the clouds and the gray, but the sunshine, green grass, and flowers that are on the way!

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