I am licensed in Rhode Island as a Real Estate Salesperson. Now what?

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Come and join Keller Williams Central Rhode Island and continue with their curriculum to grow as a real estate agent success.

Allison Bernard REALTOR Keller Williams Realty Central RI Sponsorship

As a third generation real estate agent I would be honored to listen to you in detail about your dream of becoming a successful real estate agent in Rhode Island.  I am looking forward to meeting you and discussing your goals to see if I could sponsor you into Keller Williams Central Rhode Island and help you align your goals with your mindset.  If you are big on technology and systems we need to talk.  I am your gal.  You owe it to yourself to learn how to implement Keller Williams technology from the very best, don't you?

A little bit on Allison...

I started a year ago after working a couple years at my father's brokerage in Coventry. On my own being the sole salesperson in the family office at HJ Bernard Realty I took to this blogging platform as a way of connecting with industry leaders which is where I learned about Keller Williams through Katrina Benton, an internet real estate marketing specialist. She showed me her process and technology tools to move my focus while at work  through nurturing the client pipeline to client fulfillment.  She worked for Keller Williams.  I started noticing all the blog posts that resonated with me were from agents at....what a surprise...Keller Williams.  My dad has been a REALTOR 50 years and put five kids through college working evenings and Saturday.  He was a past president of the Kent Board of REALTORS (now the Kent Washington Board of REALTORS).  He kept his brokerage license all these years and used it mostly to help land owner's through the process of building a custom home.  I went to work diligently in his office and learned negotiating from him and I learned the new real estate customs and practice from the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS classes.

Making the move...

So when it came time to make a move I knew where I was headed.  I left my own family's brokerage and interviewed with a couple other respected leaders in the state first to keep an open mind.  I had good feelings about them as well and my ultimate choice was to sign the paperwork with Keller Williams.  It was natural and easy to do and I have not looked back....BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE.  I am exactly where I need to be in order to continue selling real estate in Rhode Island at the highest level.

Best of Both Worlds At Keller Williams...

While you are an independant contractor at Keller Williams running your own business, Keller Williams teaches you how to treat your business like a business.  You get a book the first day. You start it when you get home and you just can't put it down. Some people in our office, the ones who do the best, read it every day at lunch.  This book is a road map and all the classes within our curriculum  are all based on this theory.  You just would have a hard time failing at Keller Williams if you stick to the process. Isn't that what you want in a real estate brokerage? I have a Bachelor of Science in Management from Babson College in Wellesly MA.  Did you know Babson College students use Keller Williams as a case study in their organizational behavior class using Harvard Business Review cases you can access here?


Training Magazine this year names Keller Williams the #1 Training Company in the Country.  Jiffy Lube was second.  Keller Williams also has more real estate agents than any other real estate franchise in the world. Do you want to move your career to a brokerage where you are on your own or a brokerage like Keller Williams with mentors you can go to with questions and systems in place to help you grow your business?

Profit Share

Did you know that about half of the profits from our Keller Williams Central Rhode Island office are shared back with its agents every month in cold hard cash....and that is not peanuts. When you sponsor another agent into our office like I am offering to do for you you give this agent the opportunity to succeed and at the same time extend your ability to share deeper into the profits of your office. This profit share could become a pension for you.  You can will it away.  While investing your money in a savings account may generate 1% interest, investing your time, training and sponsorship in another like-minded individual and helping them grow their career at Keller Williams could far surpass the 1% you get on your savings. It would be great to earn passive income, wouldn't it?

Choose Me

So if you are thinking of making a move from your current brokerage consider making that move over to Keller Williams Central RI and allow me to sponsor you in.  I have mastered all our technology and am using it at the highest level.  I offer all agents I sponsor extensive assistance in technology.  You do want to hit the ground running once you ...make your move to Keller Williams...don't you?  We have more opportunities than you could ever imagine. If I get a large enough response from this post I will be putting together a seminar in our office where I will give you a first class tour of all of the Keller Williams technology you get when you sign up and how to use it to turn yourself into a lean mean listing machine from day one. From business plans to task plans, from classes you can automate to marketing plans you can lauch, from the 3000 piece database of customizable marketing pieces to presentations for every kind of client, from electronic signatures to document management systems, from video marketing to branded websites with maximized search engine optimization potential, from lead generating to client fulfillment, from the Keller Williams family to the market share our shear numbers create, from the best broker/owner in the business, to the best support staff and CEO around.  When I sponsor you you get all this and another shot at real estate.  The choice is yours.

Learn Our Systems

We also offer classes, training, motivational seminars, you name it.  And if you would like me to get you a free pass to one of these trainings I would be more than happy to.  Who doesn't love free training?  Call me at 401-533-6916 or email me at RhodeIsland@kw.com today. No really.  Whether you are licensed in Rhode Island or anyplace in the world, call me at 401-533-6916 or email me at RhodeIsland@kw.com today. 

For more information about Keller Williams read our semi-monthly magazine with Jeff Glover and Ben Kinney...two absolutely amazing individuals who give back to the company by sharing how they made it by clicking here.

Please comment below.  You made it to ActiveRain for answers and I have them....Connect with me....and start growing your career with Keller William.  

My tip to you

Even if you are not planning to make a move right away, watch this video for a great lead generating tip that will instill in you a routine to get you on track in your real estate business wherever you may reside. 

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