Winter Treasures

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I wrote this some time ago so it is old news now that Spring is here tomorrow.  I wanted to share because it is one of my favorites.


Some of you can relate to what I am about to say and some not.  The beauty about blogging is that I can write about whatever it is that is on my mind and you will read it anyway! 


Snow, snow and more snow!  Who is tired of winter?  Well, not me, and I will give you some reasons why.  Two very important ones come to my mind, my children, my winter treasures!  Those kids will play on your heart strings and prove to you that Winter is the BEST!  


Here’s one… bus stop; walk or drive, “Who cares Mom and Dad that it’s -4 outside, I want to walk!”  Why, because they can slip and slide on the surprise ice they find under the layers of snow.  Because they can wonder at the piles of snow they walk by that are just a bit taller than they are.  Because they see footprints from the deer and hope to find bunny prints too!  On a practical side, what is all of the outdoor winter gear you bought to keep them warm for?


Sometimes you try to view things from a kid’s point of view, right?  You can’t tell me you haven’t smiled, even if it’s not a full one, at the gorgeous sparkling white snow that just catches your eye when you are racing from one side of town to the next.  Or, marveled at the enormous icicles that have formed on the side of your house and stare at them in amazement that something so beautiful can be formed by such a cruel, cold, annoying winter! 


Be optimistic about winter!  Here’s a perfect example why, One of Michigan’s premier winter festivals, Rochester’s Fire & Ice! This classic packs in a multitude of events for snowy and icy family-friendly fun!  This free event includes:


Tube sledding down a giant luge – One of our favorites!

Ice sculptures – New theme every year.

Snow shoeing

Cross-country skiing

Dog sled rides

Ice skating – Bring your own skates.

Horse drawn carriage rides

Food truck rally and Beer tent

Chill at the Mill 5K

Hot chocolate warming stations – along with marshmallows to roast at one of the many fire pits!  Don’t think that the marshmallow is alone either; it comes with two of its favorite friends, graham cracker and ever so sweet chocolate!  You will always go back for “some more”!


Along with all of the aforementioned events, there is so much more. Walking the streets of Downtown Rochester is always a treat, and to find those treats, go to one of my favorites, the Home Bakery!  Their ever-so-amazing cakes on display make it hard to believe they are edible! This year was a Frozen theme with life sized characters from the movie on display.  Additionally, they have fireworks at night and the continuation of the award winning Big Bright Light Show!



So, please don’t wallow in the woe is me, winter is too long, winter is cold, winter is hard work, winter is annoying.  Remember how lucky you are to be living in Michigan with the change of seasons; we get to see the beauty of this world we live in, in all of its glory, four different times of the year!  So use our long Michigan winter to gear up to find all of those “Treasures of Spring, Summer and Fall!”

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Roy Kelley
Realty Group Referrals - Gaithersburg, MD

Most of the snow has melted in Maryland and we are very anxious for some warm spring weather.

Mar 26, 2015 04:50 AM