Keller Williams Family Reunion 2015 Good Finds

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Last month I was lucky to be able to go to Keller Williams Family Reunion in Orlando. I have been with KW for nearly 9 years and went from being an agent to a trainer and admin for multiple agents. I had never had the opportunity to go so I jumped at the chance when an agent I work for took me along for the ride.

DeductrI am a tech junkie and so I was drooling at the chance to see all of the latest technology. I spent every moment I could at the vendor area checking out all of the booths in search of anything I could learn to bring back to the agents I work for.

My biggest find was a find that I can use too, and I wanted to share it with al of you. I have been testing it since I returned and I LOVE it. My number one pick is DEDUCTR (click for a discount). It is a expense tracker and mileage tracker. It almost seems too simple to be real, but the more I use it the more I love it. After logging in and setting up your account, about 10 minutes, you are ready to go. Simply add your name and address, your vehicle/s and the starting mileage, and your checking and/or credit card accounts. And it starts working for you.

It will pull in all of your expenditures, and you mark them personal or business, add a category and description to work related items and move on. It separates everything out for you, from all accounts you use. I also like the fact that you can snap a picture of a receipt when you pay cash and enter that through your phone.

It has an accompanying app that syncs and you do your mileage there. Each trip you put in the starting mileage and a brief description of what you are doing. From your GPS it tracks your mileage and at the end of the day or trip just click stop and submit. I am finding that I use my car way more than I thought, and I am pretty sure I have lost some money in previous years because I was not tracking well.

Both the laptop/desktop and the app for the phone sync. At the end of the year you just print the final report. I have been monitoring the report and it seems to be going well. Since I am not very good at the whole tracking thing this has been the easiest tracking tool I have ever used. My business is pretty simple so I don't need a whole system like Quickbooks. This is going to make next year a breeze. I know because I am still collecting stuff for this year! I hate tax time. But I have a feeling next year will be a breeze as long as I keep up with the syncing every month this year, and tracking mileage.

A second good find I found for my agents is Updater. Sign up your buyer or seller and they can then Updaterregister to have their mail and magazines forwarded, and all of their utilities transferred from one address to another, all in one sitting. We have signed up several clients and so far nothing but glowing reports. Makes the agent look great!

A third find: Our office is in the process of signing up everyone with Circle Pix, another product I can't wait to try out. We should have that next week, and I will give you a report after I test it out.

In my quest to make life easier for both me, and the agents I work for, attending Keller Williams Reunion was a great experience. For any KW agent, it is an experience you should do at least once!

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Jenna Weinerman
Updater - Manhattan, NY
Your ActiveRain moving & relocation expert

Hi Jerri - it was great meeting you at KWFR! I just discovered this post and would love to reconnect if you're interested! Thank you so much for including Updater in the post!

I'd love to learn more about your services -

Apr 21, 2015 12:15 PM