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Property Management beware!

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Property Management companies beware!

 How do we, as property owners, let other property owners and property management companies know about the tenants out there that are playing the system and sucking us dry!

  I want to do everything legally; however, the eviction process is so in favor of the people who are destroying our property.   So, my question ...is, how can we communicate with each other during this time that the tenants know they are going to be evicted and a time to protect future landlords ?

  What can we share without legal ramifications?  

  I am in a situation where these tenants have destroyed my property and she claims she is in real estate school/investment .  I wonder if they would like having this kind of a student!  Our industry don't need these type of people.

  So how do I share with other property owners and managers to avoid these people/parasites?

Legally, OF COURSE, BUT I AM SO TIRED OF ALL OF THE EXPENSES DOING STUFF LEGALLY....everything protects the renter!