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Building a Custom Bluestone Home - Part 5

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Starting to look like a real house! Front View

Will have drywall in soon and we'll really get some visual of the house. Many rain delays and some material shortages have put the project at a slow pace, but will pick up again this week with better weather and material deliveries on time!

Some of the details you don't readily see are the insulated wall between the master and the living area to add privacy. The master hose bib cut off in the garage for the few nights it freezes. The electical system includes traditional 110 V as well as 220 V in the garage for easy access. The vent hood has a true 300 CFM fan to remove smoke and odors while cooking. There is a small beverage refrigerator placed near the kitchen, allowing access to refreshments while not disturbing the cook:)

The master bath is plumber for a garden tub, but the builder has opted to leave it as an option and install storage in the huge bathroom to make preparing easy. It will be very easy to add a tub in the future, unless you make a decision now!

Come on out and see this special home in the making. Colette Moss is arranging some open house dates, with the first being April 4 from 1-4. Keep watching for more updates soon now that the weather is great and progress will come quick!