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Good Clients and Bad Clients

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I would say 95% of my clients are on the ball and know what they are looking for. Together we achieve that goal and all is well. They refer other clients to me and I love my job. BUT... There is that one that can put you in a sour mood and I had that happen for the first time last week. This is a great forum to get this off my chest.

I had a VA streamline which is by far one of the easiest loans to do. The good faith estimate showed exactly what the settlement sheet said at closing. Sometimes no matter how much you try to educate the borrower and make them understand it just doesnt sink in. The payment for this loan dropped 220 dollars a month. You can not get money back on a VA stream line so there was no cash back at the table. As all mortgage professionals know, the payment may go change just a tad depending on the actual taxes and insurance amounts. It had been two years since they purchased the property. Well the payment went up 24 dollars from what i quoted and this uneducateable borrower went into a tizzy. My settlement officer and I were at his residence for 2.5 hours until he finally signed. At one point he left the table and went to give his daughter a bath. Rediculous!

On the lighter side of this blog, the other 5 loans I closed last month had nothing but great comments on the service that was given with care to them but that one bad uneducateable borrower stuck out in my mind for about a week. I felt so bad for my settlement officer because it was 8:30 at night and she had a 10 month old at home.

I work very closely with the By Referral Only community on how to market and live my business. After reviewing some notes and talking with other members it is safe to say that bad borrower will no longer be in my database. I refuse to work with clients like that.

Thanks for listening

Jeff Gay

Mario Levesque
Advantage Avenue Real Estate - Wesley Chapel, FL
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