Realtors or Investors: When Needing to Sell Your House Fast

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So, you just landed a great job but have to move out of state; or, you recently found out you are having twins and need a bigger home. What shoul you do when you need to sell your home fast due to an urgent circumsance; all the while getting the highest value possible for your home? Is it best to work with REALTORS or should you turn to investors to sell your distressed property?  Also, some homeowners consider traditional Realtors unhelpful when selling their house.   With so many questions to ask, and with such a short period of time to make the right decision, time is of the essence? These are some factors to consider when deciding whether to work with investors or realtors, and eventually deciding who is the right option when time comes to sell.

Why choose Realtors? -
For one, a realtor is licensed in selling and purchase transactions; for this reason you don't have to worry about potential scam situations as much as if you were to hunt for a house buyer on your lonesome. They also understand price and market trends, meaning they will properly list the value of the home, and try to get you the value as close to the asking price as possible.

Realtors have years of experience in the housing market. They will help find the right buyer, they will show your home until they get the right offer, and they will help you in staging the home, to ensure potential buyers see its true value. This results in more offers, and the highest eventual selling price.

The problem with Realtors -
The main problem is time. You are on a short leash and have to sell your home now! Additionally, many realtors will take advantage of this situation. They will see you are in a tough spot, and need cash now, so may try and persuade you to take a low ball offer, simply for them to receive a quick commission check, and for you to sell the home. Although not all realtors work this way, some do, and most simply care about the end result, which is making the sale, rather than truly getting the highest asking price for you.

Why work with Investors? -
Investors know people. Therefore, they can help you sell your home fast, and for a reasonable offer. Investors buy homes as is. No need to update, fix problems in the home, or bring the home up to code. Additionally, if there are encumbrances, liens, or other issues, the investors will take on these burdens for you. Most investors pay cash. This means no bank financing, and also means you will sell the home now, for the highest value possible. Sales can take place in as little as 7 days, whereas a realtor can take 3 to 4 months to get it sold. When the home is sold immediately, you don't have to worry about maintenance or two mortgages either, meaning fewer expenses to you when you are making a move.

Problems of selling to Investors -
One of the main problems is that anyone can claim to be an investor. No license is required, and scams do occur, although they aren't common. Investors are also looking out for themselves, although not as much as the realtors are. They want to buy your home, and eventually make a profit on it. So, even if the initial offer seems nice, you might want to approach at least a few investors, prior to accepting the offer made on your home.

Who should you sell to? -
It boils down to the comfort level you feel as the homeowner. But, from a purely financial situation, and the fact that you are dealing with the time constraints, an investor is generally your best option. Not only does the sale go through almost immediately, you avoid paying commissions, fees, and other costs associated with realtors, lenders, and mortgage companies. Further, in the cash transaction, the investor will pay right away; selling with a realtor can take months, which is something you aren't really interested in waiting on.

With investors like, you can sell your home quickly and for a pretty respectable profit. Further, you don't have to worry about repairs, or dealing with legal issues, as the investor will take on these costs for you. So, as long as you find a reputable investor, one who has a proven track record, and one who can pay cash right away, this is your best option for a quick sale, when you are strapped on time.

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