MPCs, SUBDs and HOAs ... Lions and Tigers and Bears!!! Oh My!!!

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Just what is a a subdivision (SUBD) and a master planned community (MPC)?  How are they interrelated
what is their importance to you, the home buyer?

Are you a first time home buyer or perhaps you did not handle the major decisions and/or financials of the last home purchase? Maybe you were the busy partner and left all of the challenging details to your trusty significant other.

HOA is an acronym that represents a homeowners association. In an HOA you have a grouping of residential properties and lots in a residential subdivision (SUBD). An SUBD embodies land that is divided into plots for the intention of a sale.

A real estate developer forms the HOA to manage and sell the homes and lots in the residential SUBD. I will wager that you wonder just what is the difference between a master planned community (MPC) and a subdivision (SUBD). Do they both have homeowners associations? Why yes they do. Let’s briefly look closer.

Many subdivisions are not master planned communities (MPCs) and are often limited to one builder within that subdivision (SUBD). However many/most subdivisions are still governed by and pay fees to a homeowners association of some sort. The homeowners association (HOA)  has strict 
that regulate the usage of properties located within subdivisions (SUBDs) that governed by HOAs. The governing documents include covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)  and the articles and bylaws. Access to some of your HOA information will be online. Some information may need to be requested electronically
​, via mail or even in person. ​
​Most information, solicited by you,
will incur cost. At the end of this article will be a link to Texas HOA Laws. Please perform your own research.

MPCs tend to retain property value a bit better during market fluctuations, have less “cookie cutter” style properties and offer more upscaled and contemporary amenities that are appealing to some home buyers. You
​will ​
experience a strong sense of community and the MPC takes on the
​look and ​
feel of a small town.  With that being said, MPC properties can be more costly, tax
​ rates will lift
a bit higher and HOA fee schedules are directly representative of the amenities, detailed planning and long range visions of the MPC.

What is your preference?  What are your “wants” and your “needs”? Is it the smaller subdivision nestled away or the master planned community offering the look and feel of its own little city? That it is your decision and there are great benefits to be enjoyed by both. Remember that it is all about "YOUR" right to “quiet enjoyment”.

Contact me for more information on the fabulous subdivisions and master planned communities that surround Houston
​, Texas and are located
in Fort Bend, Harris and Brazoria counties. I would be delighted to be your guide. Visit the link below and navigate through the "Houston Area Master Planned Communities" provided by Houston Association of Realtors.

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