How to Prepare For an Appraisal

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This weeks client question, How to Prepare For an Appraisal ...

1. Curb Appeal

Although many homeowners are familiar with the term “curb appeal” as it applies to prospective buyers, many don’t realize that the home’s first impression is important to the appraiser as well. Landscape maintenance chores, such as clearing away debris, trimming trees and shrubs, spreading fresh mulch in the beds and greening up the lawn will all help to bring your home close to market value.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough of how you can improve your house and yard’s curb appeal. It is by no means a complete guide; for additional guidance, contact us direct.

2. Clutter

Although clutter may be evidence of a busy family, it can also lead an appraiser to question if the homeowner can maintain the entire home if they can’t even keep their countertops and other surfaces free of junk.

Some quick de-cluttering tips:

  • Box up and store excess items in the home.
  • Pay close attention to the kitchen and bathroom. If what’s sitting on the counter is frequently used, hide it away in a cupboard so that your counters are free of anything that isn’t decorative.
  • If all else fails, or your don’t have enough time to properly clean, shove your clutter into boxes and store it briefly in your car or storage unit.

3. Clean

While this seems like an obvious step, many homeowners are busy with jobs and family concerns and overlook the obvious fact that a clean home is a desirable home.

What if you don’t have time to clean your home before the appraiser comes by? You probably don’t have time to sell your home.

4. Information Packet

Comparables - similar homes in neighborhood, homes sold in one mile radius over the last six months.

Brag Sheet - why your home deserves a high price, make sure the appraiser knows about major home and property improvements by telling them.
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Comments (3)

Frank Rubi
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC - Metairie, LA

Donald, I like to prepare a list of updates/upgrades to the property for the appraiser. 

Mar 30, 2015 10:32 PM
David Popoff
DMK Real Estate - Darien, CT
Realtor®,SRS, Green ~ Fairfield County, Ct

The information sheet is key, and list all of those improvements with costs.

Mar 30, 2015 10:51 PM
George Clippert
May 14, 2015 07:15 AM