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   Wondering what you will do with little Fergie when it's time to pack and move?  Some homebuyers don't give that much thought! Honestly, I am one of those that just might forget. However, I learned something very valuable from my homebuyer during the close of my last transaction. Since she spoke of her four legged children so often and showed me pictures, I knew just how important their comfort was during this transition. Being an animal lover myself, I constantly inquired about them, looked at pictures and enjoyed brief exchanges of banter with my client about "their" new home.

Right before closing, I inquired as to how they were adjusting. I know that every time I pack and/or leave for travel my own baby is disturbed, anxious and unhappy. I could only imagine that without the support of a family village, the transition from apartment to single family home would be a challenge for my client and her gorgeous doggie babies.

Much to my surprise and perhaps even my stupidity (smile), my client informed me that they would be going in for their shots and grooming and would be comfortably occupied for the entire duration of that day's moving. What a wonderful idea! If it is not time for vaccinations, just take your babies in for grooming or perhaps a spa or play day if your finances allow. If not, why not take them to a friend's home or a sitter if that is available?

Remember, they are tender babies. It is impossible for them to understand some changes. They love us and feel our anxiety right along with us.  Since they help us through so much just by being there, don't forget to ease their anxieties just as much as possible. They may not understand the separation for the day but YOU will. You will be the best parent ever!

By the way, that IS my baby in the picture above and her name is FERGIE!   Isn't she absolutely beautiful?????   I think so.


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