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8 Changes to Florida Alimony

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Florida House Bill 943 - Florida Alimony
March 31, 2015, the Civil Justice Committee and a few Co-Sponsors finally put some definition in the rules of Alimony in Florida Judicial System in Florida House Bill 943.  
  1. Spells out the calculation for alimony pendente liteFlorida Alimomy
  2. Determination of presumptive alimony range & duration range with a low of 25% of the years and a high of 75% of the years of marriage with a 20 year cap. 
  3. Defines alimony awards depending on duration of marriage.  Less than 2 years, it's considered not appropriate. For marriages over 2 years, there is a guideline calculation based on years of marriage, difference in gross income, and more or less 5% allowance for the judge.  
  4. Defines imputation of income in certain circumstances; specifies that combined award of alimony & child support may not constitute more than specified percentage of payor's net income with a cap of 55% for both.
  5. Allows party to pursue immediate modification of alimony in certain circumstances.
  6. Revised factors are to be considered in determining whether existing alimony award should be reduced or terminated due to alleged supportive relationship and provides for burden of proof for claims concerning existence of supportive relationships. New definitions on how a supportive relationship is determined, cohabitation is not required. 
  7. Provides specific factors to be considered in determining whether to modify or terminate award based on substantial change in circumstance. Existing alimony amounts can be modified but the duration cannot. 
  8. Provides for motions to advance trial of certain actions if specified period has passed since initial service on respondent.
These are some necessary changes in the previous ambiguous rules of alimony.  How is this going to effect your real estate sales and income qualifications?