It's usually the weather, the realtor, and the buyer or seller (OC/NJ)

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It's usually the weather, the realtor, and the buyer or seller - (Ocean City, NJ)


... And not necessarily that order.

Let's use the "spring buying period as our example.  The season can start as early as late February or early March ... but "weather" plays a significant role in whether or not the buyer, or even the seller, will be down here.

Obviously, the Jersey Shore weather plays a significant role in "how and when" buying or selling activity will take place.  We, the realtors, tend to be around ... but the rest of the crowd can be a question mark.

If we are able to establish a meeting time, it is almost always here at the shore.  I recall making two home visits when I still owned a property back in Lancaster County.  But that is a very unusual situation.

"Resort real estate" is just a different type of venture.  We are always here ... and mostly, both the buyer and the seller are not here.  Saturdays and Sundays tend to be typical meeting times for us ... because it represents the time most buyers and sellers can make it down to the shore.   

Mostly, 80+% of my contacts don't own a house as yet ... or the owners have it as either a summer rental property or as a second home.  So once a listing arrangement is made, the realtor continues to be the major contact.  One has a lot more to worry about ... making sure keys are back where they belong, that the shown property has the door locked, etc.

Compared to real estate listings and sales across the country, our resort real estate is somewhat the same, but also very different.  


Dustin A. Peters enters his 23rd year in resort real estate following a 32 year career in public education including 17 of those years as a high school principal.  You can reach him at 609-231-6379 by phone on from 7am to 7pm daily or by email at


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I think Bright MLS is finally gonna force me to get my NJ real estate license !

Where's the closest classes to OC ???

Mar 11, 2017 12:11 PM