10 Questions for Sellers to Ask Before Listing their Dighton Rehoboth

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10 Questions Sellers Should Ask Before Listing theirDighton Rehoboth Home


1. How Many Homes Did you sell last year?- I know you hear this all the time, but experience really does matter.AND Remember, it's not the years experience that matters most, it's the number of transactions. I know a woman who has been in the business 30 years and only sells 3 houses a year on average. Get some referral phone numbers of satisfied sellers and call them. 


2.  What is their average sale to list price percentage?  You want a strong negotiator for an agent. Someone who cares about your bottom line.


3. Do you have a website that drives buyers to it from the internet?  If you agent cannot show you their lead capture website  with the number of buyers they are driving to their website, you may want to consider a different agent.


4. What are some of the pro-active methods you are using to get homes sold?  Some agents just put a sign in the yard and then do nothing. You want an agressive agent that is promoting your property every single day, by reaching out to buyers agents, buyers and the general public. 


5. What type of advertising do you use? Today the buyers are shopping online. Will your agent maximize your exposure online or will they just put a sign in your yard and put in on the Multiple listing service? Is you agent using search engines properly? Will they use video if applicable?


6. Will you show me market data and pricing information to back up the price? Over- pricing can and will hurt you.  With all of the online resources available, Today buyers are well edcucated and usually work with a buyers agent who will educate them further. They won't even view your home if they can't see the value. Some sellers feel that buyers will make an offer.. far from true. They don't want to insult the seller, so they just move onto something that represents better value. Find an agent that will be completely frank with you on pricing, after all, the agent and the sellers never set the price, but the market does.


7. Will you do Open Houses?  It is rare that a home gets sold as a result of an open house. My team and I will do open houses to provide extra effort to sell the house.  However, Most homes are sold when the buyer makes a specific appointment.


8. Will you help me with staging tips or help me find a home stager?  Staging the home to sell is important in today's market. Buyers need to see value in your home. They need to actually see themselves living there.  Your agent should help you by providing resources and tips on staging.


9. Can you provide me a list of client and testimonials from your recent transactions? Documentation of recent success lends credibility. Be sure to ask for this information.


10. Do you have A list of  local professionals to help me get the house ready? A professional realtor will have lists of attorneys, contractors, inspectors and more. 



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