How To Stage Your Home One Room At A Time

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If you're thinking about putting your home in Nanaimo on the market one of the things that you'll want to be sure to consider is home staging.  Every room has a purpose, and smart home sellers make it easy for buyers to imagine that they are already living in your home.

At first glance, staging an entire home might seem overwhelming.  But it doesn't have to be.  The trick is to stage one room and a time, and before you know it, your entire home will be perfectly staged.

Staging your Nanaimo home to sellLet's start with the kitchen.  Clear all of your appliances from the counter tops and set them aside for detail cleaning and packing.  Scrutinize all of your dishes, glasses, cups, pots and pans and decide what you are going to take with you when you move.  Sell or donate the things that you are not going to take with you.  If your appliances are dated or show obvious signs of wear and tear see if purchasing modern replacements are within your budget.  Now that you've got things packed and every thing is spic and span, place some fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit on your counters, to act as focal points.  If you're having an open house, nothing says "welcome home" more than the scent of fresh baked cookies or muffins.

Declutter and pack the living room the same way you did the kitchen.  If there are any odd pieces of furniture or art work, items that just don't seem to fit right, put them in storage.  This is also a good time to update the paint colors if need be.  Dated or damaged fixtures, light switches, outlets and lighting can inexpensively be replaced, and be sure that the carpeting is professionally cleaned, and that your area rugs and floors are spotless.

In the bathrooms, remove all of your personal items from the shower, tub and the medicine cabinets. Remember, you want buyers to imagine that the bathroom is theirs, and not commenting on the type of hair conditioner that you use!  Detail clean the bathrooms, repair any drippy faucets or update the fixtures.  Invest in some brand new towels to display, and place a small vase of flowers or a bowl of scented soaps on the vanity.

Many home sellers in Nanaimo find that staging the bedrooms can be the most difficult but it doesn't have to be that way.  Just as you did with the bathrooms, box up all of the personal items in your bedrooms, including clothing in the closets.  Since one of the first things that buyers look at in a bedroom is the closet space you'll want to show them plenty of open space and not a closet jammed full of your winter clothes.  Make sure that everything is detail cleaned, windows included, and update the paint colours if you need to.  If you're using an extra bedroom as an office or for storage, convert it back to a bedroom for staging purposes.

See, that wasn't so hard, was it?  Staging your home for sale in Nanaimo will help your home sell fast and to the buyers you are looking for! 


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