Embrace the Change...

Services for Real Estate Pros with Home Energy Team
change2 Mortgage Professionals, 

How many times are we going to hear that its going to get worse before it gets better?  Well despite some of the most dramatic product and pricing changes i have ever seen, it gets better every day! Lets not forget our target here.  Average Joe Homeowner with a good paycheck, good credit, and a 30yr Fixed @ 6%.  That is the guy you can save over $150k in interest and pay his loan off in half the time. Stop thinking in the past.  I have heard so many people saying they are leaving the industry, or would like too.  I am a fine proponent of thinning out the mortgage business.  But realistically, If given a choice to sell something like the HOA in the mortgage business, or go sell something completely foreign, i choose HOA.  I have put over 8 years in this business, and now i have something to sell that gives me the opportunity to walk into ANY broker, financial planner, CPA, you name it!  I have one of the most powerful financial tools available to the homeowner today.
So forget about rates, doc types, and appraisals.  Get out there and sell what you DO have.  Lucky for us we have something fresh, innovative, and real.  We have the choice to think differently.  Think HOA.

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