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It is a common question I get. After making such a huge career move into real estate out of aerospace, people who know me, or who know the aerospace industry, just assume that if I was in the aerospace industry, I could only have one interest and passion, that being aerospace. But after a medical leave from my previous career, I had time to reflect on what it was I found interesting about life, and ultimately it led to me pursuing a career in real estate.

And it all stems back to my days growing up. See, my parents are both architects / interior designers, so I grew up with a certain point of view when it came to buildings and houses. Since every Sunday was built around Church, breakfast at Denny's, and Open Houses in the afternoon (the "Street of Dreams" homes always held my interest), I developed a certain soft spot for real estate. However, flying was my first passion by trade, and I pursued that first, along with other aspects of aerospace. Destiny awaited though and all it took was a little time-out (a medical leave) for me to have an introspective moment. I had an untapped passion for real estate, and I wanted to test my theory.

Albeit very scary, during that medical leave I made the ultimate exciting decision to change careers. I hope to God it was a good choice, but then again, I think I was listening closely to that inner voice, and when I listen closely to that inner voice I seem to get things right. Time will tell though, and time marches on.

I guess it takes a life review to decide what you have passion for. No, I didn't have a near death experience or anything like that, I was just given the gift of time to think about where I was going in life and what I was doing in my career. We all have it, that voice. I leave to your own musing about what or who that voice belongs to, but we all have it, and we need to listen to it from time to time. What does your voice tell you?

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James - Here's to a successful second career in real estate. Sometimes it takes people more time than others to find their real passion.

Apr 07, 2015 04:21 AM
James Reeves
Bothell, WA

Thanks Troy, I really appreciate it!

Apr 07, 2015 06:09 AM