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Home buying 101 for renters that want to buy a home

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Do you dream of the day when you can buy a home. Whether it is a Downtown historic home with Character, a little war time house or a home in Lakeside where you can walk to Muskegon Lake or Lake Michigan in the city, a condominium  by the mall, or that cottage style home with the white picket fence, or maybe a country home, homeownership is a goal that many Americans strive towards during their lifetime.

Once you have established that you possess the desire to become a homeowner, the next logical question should be: “Am I ready to be a homeowner?” Do you know how to Maintain a home or can you afford help.

Get Your Finances in Order Meet with a knowledgable REALTOR and a Knowledgable lender to have them asist you .


To answer this question, it is best to first thoroughly analyze your financial situation. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I have a steady job and steady income? Do I plan to stay put for at least the next few years? What is my credit card debt? Do I have credit? Do I have enough money for a down payment and for closing costs?Can a seller pay my closing cost, How much will I need to buy. 

After examining your finances, you may choose to take a few more months to pay down credit card debt or amass a larger down payment.If there are any errors on your credit report you will want to resolve them. You may also reconsider whether you are likely to move in the foreseeable future or if you are likely to change jobs. Establishing a strong financial position and waiting until your finances are secure will facilitate the home buying process and ensure that you are fully prepared for the responsibility of home ownership.Make sure you pay your Landlord on time if you can pay with a check so you can prove you pay on time.

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Once you have determined that you are ready to purchase your first piece of West Michigan Real  estate you’ll want to hire a realtor who will guide you through the pre-qualification loan process and show you Muskegon North Ottawa  homes to purchase.

You may want to search the my web site for before meeting with your realtor. An Internet search will allow you to narrow down your neighborhood and home choices, which will then allow your REALTOR to show you homes which suit your style, taste and budget.