How to Sell Your House Faster in 2015 - Unconventional Marketing Tips

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There is more than one way to sell your home. The traditional method of hiring a real estate agent to sell and list it will produce a sale. If you've already decided that marketing your property so that a "buyer finds you", isn't the route that you want to take because of the tremendous amount of leg work that's involved then you should strongly consider selling it to modern-day home buyers.  But, at what cost and how long will it take to sell? Of course you can use listing boards, but not all of them are created equally and not all of them are free for you to use when listing a home. So, how about consider a few unconventional or more creative methods when it comes to selling your home? These are some options to consider if you want to take the unconventional route when selling your home.

1. eBay

Yes, you can buy or sell clothes, electronics, and other items on eBay; but, there is also the eBay classified real estate section where you can post your home for sale. You can list the home for sale with images, video tours, and post all relevant information about the property. This will open up the home to a set of new eyes, and some people who would otherwise never know your home existed or was for sale, if not for the power of the selling platform online.

2. Build your own site
People build websites daily. From new businesses, to developing a blog on topics you love to write about, it is quite simple to create a site. For this reason, why not try to market your home on your own site? This allows you to make your home the focal point, and really draws attention to its unique features. This allows people to view, visit, comment, and even inquire if they are interested in the property you are selling.

3. Postlets

These will syndicate to different sites such as Zillow, Yahoo! Real Estate,, and other top sites. By creating property listings on postlets, you develop an online brochure of your home, which will be posted to some of the most visited real estate sites. From there, you develop a new audience, and market your home for sale to far more people than you could reach through a traditional newspaper post.

4. Auction it
Like eBay classifieds, you can also auction the property on eBay auction and other popular auction sites. Why have your home go into foreclosure if you can't keep up with the mortgage, when you can get viable buyers to bid on the property which you are trying to sell. Not only will this elicit the attention, it will also draw in the highest bidder, so you will earn more when trying to sell the property.

5. PPC (e.g. google adwords)
Pay per click ads pop up on every site you visit. So, why not work with a PPC agency and have them built an ad which will be placed on different websites. Then, potential buyers, or interested investors can view your property. Yes, you do pay for this, but you will also pay for other marketing services. So, why not try this method, which will be seen on dozens of sites, and by thousands of people.

6. Network
Like social media and mixer events, you can also find different sites to network allowing you to meet the right people,who can help you list your home. Sites like Connected Investors or real estate investor forums, are some good places to start. With interested parties, you will immediately elicit interest in your home, and will sell it faster, and potentially for a higher price than you are asking for if you connect and network with the right people.

7. Neighborhood letters
This method is one which might work. If you have developed a connection with neighbors in your community and know local businesses in the area, why not write a community letter to get your neighbors to help you sell your home? Inquire as to whether they know interested buyers or a potential investor who is looking to buy a home. Doing this allows them to help you sell, and it is a good way for them to pick their new neighbors, as these are the individuals who are going to purchase your home.

There is no single way which should be used by everyone, even if you are in a hurry to sell your house. These, or other unconventional methods might work for you, and elicit more interest, rather than other traditional listing methods.  The tips listed above are not meant to be a manual about how to sell your house fast, rather, it's mean to provide more creative approches for a home owner to market and sell his/her how home on their own, without the expensive membership fees of realtors and their commissions.

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