Unwilling to pay a BAC??? help

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What do I do?  I am representing my friend from Colorado buying a 2 million dollar home in Northern Indiana.  I am in central Indiana-- but know the area up north where he is buying.  The agent up north refused to pay me the 1.2% she was offering to realtors?  She claimed I was not on her board and she would only pay me a referal fee.  She said she get's people from Indianapolis and Carmel who come in and take a full commission for simply writing up an offer.  I was unaware that mattered?  It ends up she has sent my buyer some emails with listings- so she feels she procurred the sale.  But my client says she put his name in a tracker and he has simply received emails from a computer and feels no attachment to her.  The last 3 emails from her have asked me to have my buyer cover my commission.  What would you do?  None of this makes sense to me.  Thanks.


Nicole Spears
msWoods Real Estate - Southport, IN

JJ,  That stinks!  If it comes down to it, refer him to another agent on her board and set up a referral fee.  The only issue you might have is who the procuring cause on the sale is... Did you show him the home first (by email or in person) or did she?  Unfortunately it doesn't matter whether your friend likes her or wants to use her as his representative or not.  If she was the procuring cause and produced him as a ready, willing and able buyer, she could press the issue.  My recommendation?  ASK YOUR BROKER!!! You want to make sure you are protected on all sides for this. 

I have often ran into agents in other boards offering LESS to agents not in their board but never nothing...!  I hope you at least get a referral fee out of the deal - GOOD LUCK!

Apr 17, 2008 06:43 AM