Welcome Gerrie Moore - Real Estate Agent - Branson, MO

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Welcome Gerrie Moore - Real Estate Agent - Branson, MO Being the daughter of a Veteran the Homes for Heroes program speaks volumes to me.  My father was actually killed on a motorcycle coming home on leave when I was 3 years old and so I never got to know the Hero that he was. I worked in the medical industry for 20 years and know the passion that it takes to care for the sick.  My desire and passion now as a real estate broker is to give to those who serve our communities on a daily bases.  That means YOU.  I love finding homes for buyers and seeing the joy on their face when they find the home of their dreams and have a smooth transaction to buy that property.  I also love to see the relief and satisfaction on the face of the buyer when their home is SOLD in a timely fashion.  What is it that I can do to serve YOUR real estate needs? The Gerrie Moore Group Helping Heroes One Home at a Time!

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