What Business Opportunities Are YOU Creating For Yourself?

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What Business Opportunities Are YOU Creating For Yourself?


ING LogoIndependent Networking Group (ING) is a non-competitive, professional networking business organization that was organized for the purpose of assisting its members in the growth and support of their respective businesses.


I have been a member of ING for 5 years and can remember the first time I attended one of the their meetings. A good friend invited me to one of the meetings and said it was a great organization to be a member of becuase each member assisted in helping local businesses grow through referrals.


Prior to joining this organization I relied on my website, word of mouth and friends to assist in getting new leads for my real estate business. As a rookie agent I was, as they say, "still wet behind the ears" and was looking for ways to gain new clients and prospects. As a member of ING, we assist fellow members by providing and receiving referrals.


I consider ING one of my best clients and can't imagine life without the possibility of contributing to one another with one common goal - helping others get what they want. The trust, support and value of this group is priceless. Where else can you get referrals just by getting to the meetings, dressing up and showing up.


The comaraderie is awesome and all members are focusing on referring others and bringing new members to the meeting. Real estate is a relationship business and ING is all about giving to get.


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