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Salt Lake City's Marmalade District

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Salt Lake City's Marmalade District is one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in Salt Lake. Located directly to the north of Downtown SLC and on the western slope of Capitol Hill, the Marmalade District was named after the many fruit trees that were planted there by early Utah settlers. The fruit was actually made into marmalade and sold at the bottom of the hill.

If you are a person who loves architecture, you will love the Marmalade District. You can find Gothic Revival, Victorian, Farmhouse, Prarie and Russian styles, among many other interesting mixtures. There are quite a few notable buildings in the area, including some beautiful chapels, elegant mansions, and a number of historic homes. 

History of the Neighborhood

For a long time, this was considered to be a "sketchy" area and prices were very low. Over the last few years, an effort has been made to clean up and revitalize the neighborhood. As a result of this, there has been a huge resurgence in demand causing home values to go up significantly. 

What I love about Marmalade District

I, personally, really like the Marmalade District and see it as a great place to buy a home both in terms of liveability and as an area that would make a good investment. For me, being close to Downtown is important and this is as close as you can get unless you are in a condo. Also, I love being around diversity and this Marmalade is as diverse an area as you will find anywhere in Utah. Many of the houses have been very tastefully remodeled while maintaining the architectural and historical integrity of the homes. Marmalade District

What I don't love about Marmalade District

Parts of the neighborhood are still a little sketchy, although most of it is not. Also, the streets are very narrow (which is kind of charming) and can make parking a bit of a hassle in some places. Most of the neighborhood does not have south or east views of the valley and those are the views that I like the most.

Homes for sale

You can find condos as low as $100k, although houses tend to range from $300k up to over $1M. The homes were mostly built before 1940 with a few newer homes mixed in. You can see Marmalade District Homes for sale here. 

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