How to Take Measurements for Your New Home Decor in Carillon Lakes

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How to Take Measurements for Your New Home Decor in Carillon Lakes


Decorating your new Carillon Lakes community homes for sale can be all sorts exciting. It’s empty and it’s all yours to design! But wait, before you start with hanging wall art and purchasing rugs, keep these measurement tips in mind. These are important so your home would look neat, balanced, well- spaced, and truly gorgeous.


Remember to use these amazing measuring guides when decorating your home in Carillon Lakes community.


1. On lights:

Spacing your light fixtures right is super important so that the whole area is well-lit your lights are maximized appropriately. Remember that overhead fixtures must be 7 or more feet away from the floor. This applied most especially on lights on entryways.


Of course, it’s a different story when we talk about lights above the table. In that case, lights should be around 30-36 inches above the table when the ceiling measures 8 feet. When the ceiling is higher, you can add 3 inches to the light’s measure for every additional foot. To give you more ideas on wonderful looking light fixtures, check out the homes in 


2. On windows:

Choosing the right color of curtains for your windows is important. But you cannot disregard the right size and placement of window treatments. Panels should always be reaching or kissing the floor. If you want to let more light in and give your windows an added illusion of width, you can try extending your window rods 4-10 inches beyond the casing. To make it look taller on the other hand, post your rods 4-8 inches higher than the casing. You homes for sale in Carillon  Lakes community will absolutely look a lot more inviting after you apply these window treatment tricks. 


3. On walls:

Who wouldn’t get excited in filling an empty wall with art and decorations? When you plan to hang framed works of art, keep in mind that the center of it must be 56-60 inches from the floor. The reason for this is because you want it to be at eye level. When you are hanging art in the living room where there’s a sofa, it is best to place the bottom part of the piece of art about 5-9 inches away from the top of the sofa to ensure it is clearly seen.


4. On rugs:

Rugs can instantly transform the dull floors of your homes in Carillon Lakes community to something extraordinary, if you place them strategically. In the bedroom, area rugs which are placed under the beds must measure around 18-24 inches longer than the sides and edges of the bed. In the dining area, the rug under the table should at the very least be 24 inches longer and wider than the table. This way, even if the chairs are pushed back, they will still be inside the rugs. In other rooms, try measuring around 12-18 inches from the walls to the edges of the rugs. This space should be left bare. 


Remember to use these measuring guides when decorating your home in Carillon Lakes community. But don’t be afraid to experiment if you feel like it. At the end of the day, your taste and creativity will still rule.


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Frank Rubi
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Petra, these guidelines are very informative. Homes for sale in Lakeland, Fl will look great with these tips. 

Apr 21, 2015 12:26 AM
Katerina Gasset
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Hi, Petra. These are great suggestions on home decorating. I'm sure Carillon Lakes home owners will appreciate these nice and useful tips. 

May 03, 2015 03:10 PM