ReReading a great mystery writer ... John D. MacDonald - OC/NJ

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Rereading a great mystery writer ... John D. MacDonald - OC/NJ


Somewhere a long time ago, I ran across a number of paperback mystery books written by John D. MacDonald who had a great character, Travis McGee.  We're back in the 50s, 60s and 70s as I reference these works.  I read them all ... sometimes ahead of the assignments for several of my history and literature classes in college.

Well, I'm rereading some of these books for the third time.  Great writing, but a bit dated. But great plots and a good story.  What got me going back again was the reading of was the reading of a books about "Donald E. Westlake - The Getaway Car," which went into great detail about his writing life.  I must say that I never read any of Westlake's work, but I may get around to it.

Some of the great joys in reading can be found (as one ages along) is to rediscover some of your early favorites.  And I keep right on rediscovering them.


(Dustin A. Peters, an ex-high school principal (are there any other kind) and now starting his 23rd year as a real estate agent in Ocean City, New Jersey.)

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