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Sweet 1st Lien JV Opportunity Houston, TX 114% ROI???

Mortgage and Lending with Silverwood Capital, LLC

Found this good looking Non-Performing 1st Lien Note NE of Downtown Houston. With people leaving in droves from Blue States, Texas is Hot, Hot, Hot. When we see Texas notes, we like to move quickly before our competitors do.

The BPO (Broker Price Opinion) value on this property is $56,000, and we can pick it up for $23,900. Including $1,325 in taxes, we are all in for $25,225 or 45% of FMV (Fair Market Value). Texas NPNs are typically in the 60-65% FMV range, due to the quick, nonjudicial foreclosure process that is similar to an eviction, so we are below normal purchase price.

 Its occupied with pride of ownership and our first goal is to get them repaying their loan. At only $325.31 a month, and rents averaging $648.00, its really in their best interest to stay and pay this off. If not, we will attempt to get a Deed-In-Lieu of foreclosure or short sale.

Worst case, we move into foreclosure and take over the property. Our boots on the ground realtor is sharp, and can help us list and sell quickly.

With our Joint Ventures, you help us acquire the properties, and we do all the sweat equity, due diligence, work-outs, find the realtor to help with the valuation, and sell the note or property when we have clear title. We have eight exit strategies on NPN's, from working it out with the owner to foreclosure. 

If your 401k is now a 101k, then consider joint venturing with us. Having looked at a couple hundred notes so far this year, we are able to quickly sort out the losers and move forward on the ones that we feel have a better than average chance to make it work. We have a cut sheet with all the info and 5 of the 8 exit strategies ready to send you.

Interested? Please call or reply to this email now while this is still fresh in your mind at the number below to talk further about this and the other deals we are looking at. 

Christopher Winkler
The Note Whisperer
Silverwood Capital, LLC